Welcome To The Table

My name is Misty and I am wife to my wonderful husband of 20+ years, mother of 4 children, a Christian full of hope, a bookworm with an ambitious stack on my nightstand, a curious cook, and a homebody who loves to travel.

For years I dreamed that when my kids were out of grade school I would find my calling, perhaps go back to school and learn something new, go on mission trips, or do something big.  Then my life would be full. But while I was dreaming about the next thing, God was planting a seed and rooting me to my home and my community.  After years of wondering “what comes next?”  I realized I am right where I’m supposed to be.

Having a full life is about aligning your passion, your purpose, and your priorities.

Here’s what that looks like for me…

Go to your kitchen, make good stuff, sit at your table and feed the people you love.

Wear the outfit, use the china, read the book, start the blog, go places; don’t wait.

Think about things, quiet the busy, listen to yourself, listen to others, read your Bible.

When I have an afternoon to put on an apron, listen to a favorite podcast, and prepare a meal for my family I’m in my happy place.

When I read good words I know I am feeding my soul.

When I take time to be still and observant about the beauty in the everyday I breathe a little easier.

My life is busy and messy. It isn’t perfect. I crave quiet, and beauty, and light, in a world that seems increasingly dark.

This little space on the internet is where I collect and cultivate my thoughts and creative pursuits.  Ultimately it is something I hope will encourage my girls as they grow into young women but I’d love to be an encouragement and inspiration for any readers who stop by. Welcome to my table!