Welcome To The Table



My name is Misty and I am wife to my wonderful husband of 20+ years, mother of 4 children, a Christian full of hope, a bookworm with an ambitious stack on my nightstand, a curious cook, and a homebody who loves to travel.

For years I dreamed that when my kids were out of grade school I would find my calling, perhaps go back to school and learn something new, go on mission trips or do something big.  Then my life would be full.  But while I was dreaming about the next thing, God was planting a seed and rooting me to my home and my community.  After years of wondering “what comes next?”  I realized I am right where I’m supposed to be.  Having a full life is about aligning your passion, your purpose and your priorities.  Here’s what that looks like for me…

When I have an afternoon to put on an apron, listen to a favorite podcast and prepare a meal for my family I’m in my happy place.  When I can sit with other women and discuss how they view their passion and purpose, then I am learning something new.  When I engage with those in my community and offer help to my neighbor, that is something big.

My Pinterest boards are filled with beautiful table settings and gorgeous gourmet kitchens and I dream about a family dinner with kids who put their napkins in their laps, share stories of their day at school and thank me for preparing them a delicious and healthy meal.

But let’s be real…

My kitchen is full of dirty dishes, our family dinners often include cleaning up spilled drinks, and stopping arguments about who was speaking first.  But despite all that, I belong around my table.  It’s not perfect.  But it’s full.