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My kids have a full week of school under their belts.  All those fresh new binders and composition notebooks are labeled and have begun to take on the challenges of 5th, 8th, 9th, and 11th grade. I’m sure they will be filled with essential knowledge throughout this school year and studied throughly before every test.  I’m also sure they will be doodled on, spilled on and shoved in the dark corners of backpacks and lockers. Come June they will have served their purpose and will, with cheers and feelings of relief from my children, retire to the trashcan.  In August they will be replaced with another generation of fresh new notebooks and we begin again…

Every year I  take 4 kids, in 4 grades, with 8 different subjects and VERY specific supply lists shopping and every year I feel like I am losing my mind and verging on a mama meltdown in the back-to-school aisle.  But each year we manage and they head off to school with new pencils and notebooks and shoes and expectations of  new possibilities.

There are some things we never grow out of and new supplies are one of those things for me. Although my husband is convinced we will all go paperless, I just can’t imagine giving up the pleasure of a freshly sharpened pencil, or writing on that first page of a new notebook.  I am a little obsessive about my supplies. And I like them fancy. So to celebrate the start of a new school year I give you my next Fancy Files Giveaway.

A box of Palomino Blackwing pencils.


Now hear me out, I realize some of you may thinking “fancy pencils?”

Yes! I promise you will notice a difference from the $2.99 box of Target brand pencils that you send your kids to school with.  My kids notice the difference and I have to hide mine or they tend to disappear. Plus these pencils fit perfectly within my fancy files guidelines – a pretty and practical item of quality that doesn’t break the bank.  They are a simple, everyday luxury, even if all you write is a grocery list.

Now let’s take the love of school/office supplies to the next level.

Check out this store in NYC that is all pencils!  They have an online shop with 8 pages of pencil selections!  They also have a blog that includes posts titled Beginners Guide to Pencils and Profiles in Pencil History.

Of course there are fancy pens, and notebooks too!  And don’t get me started on finding the perfect planner.  Guess what?  It’s not digital! Then there are monogramed notepads, old fashioned pencil sharpeners, and pretty file folders.  And I have dreams of creating a card catalog of all my books someday!

So now that you have had a peek into my obsession…

Back to the pencils.

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  1. Melissa | 24th Aug 16

    I always enjoy your posts! I shared you fancy pencil post on Facebook

    • Kitchen Table | 25th Aug 16

      Thanks! You are a good sister!

  2. Aunt Dee | 25th Aug 16

    These are the classiest pencils I’ve ever seen Misty. Bet the kids love them. Hope you are catching your breath after a busy Summer filled with kids. Always fun but nice to have things calm down again.

    Love, Aunt Dee

    • Kitchen Table | 25th Aug 16

      Dee back to school fell on my birthday this year! So having a quiet house was my favorite birthday present!

  3. Misty | 25th Aug 16

    I used to not care one way or the other. My husband had and still has an obsession with pens and pencils. But after being married to him for 23 years I have picked that up as well. (Its funny the little quirks we pick up along the way) I have to admit,t he right pen and pencil does make your world just a little brighter.

    Sharing on FB

    • Kitchen Table | 25th Aug 16

      Thanks! It is nice how little things can add a little fancy to life!

  4. Amy Hall | 25th Aug 16

    It’s interesting how a little change can make a big difference; like writing something simple, feels better when you have a fancy pencil. I love that.
    I am attempting to share on FB, but having issues finding your share button, on my aging and dying phone.

    • Kitchen Table | 26th Aug 16

      Hey Amy, thanks for making me aware of this. So when you subscribe and you receive an email of the new post, you are not on the full site. At the top of the email it will say Kitchen Table (underlined) That is a link that you can push to take you to the full site in mobile version of you are on your phone. And you will see Facebook icons that will make it very easy to share. Thanks for sticking with me!

  5. Kath | 25th Aug 16

    So glad to have found your blog. I subscribed and will share here momentarily on my FB page. I am slightly obsessed with office products and these pencils sent me over the edge, they are awesome!!

    • Kitchen Table | 26th Aug 16

      Welcome Kath! Glad you share my obsession and thanks for sharing!

  6. Laura | 26th Aug 16

    It is so much fun discovering the things we have in common. I too am a lover of office supplies, especially pretty ones.
    Thank you again for pointing out beauty in the ordinary.
    I think that you were good at ‘Looking for Lovely’ before we ever cracked the spine on that book!

  7. Kitchen Table | 27th Aug 16

    Friday came and went and I was out of the house ALL day! Sorry for the delay everyone. Congratulations to Misty A. for winning the pencils! Happy writing!

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