Am I An Artist?

IMG_6208 My children are artists.

They create everyday.

From the time they were small they created with paper, crayons, paint, and markers.  They created stories, costumes, and dances.  They created obstacle courses, games and contests.  They created with blocks and legos and cardboard boxes. They created elaborate worlds of their own in the woods around our house; forts, fairy gardens, castles and caves.


Now, as they enter the teen years, they have set aside their crayons and they don’t build forts as often, but they continue to create.  They write in journals, decorate their rooms, and create slogans for the student council race.  They write short stories, decorate cupcakes for bake sales, and want to learn to sew, paint and play instruments.

Why do children recognize the artist in themselves?

Because they haven’t fallen prey to the inner critic.

Because, if they grow up in a decent environment, they don’t know the world will criticize.

Because, without being told, they recognize that they were created to create.

As adults we often see art as something frivolous, fancy, or for those with a genius like talent in painting or poetry.

An artist? Art is for fancy people. Art is for the halls of quiet museums. Art is a commodity. Art is complex and for those who are trained in theory, paintbrushes and canvas. Art is for collecting and admiring. I am not an artist.

But you are.
You are art.
Your life is art; a creative expression of God’s nature as the ultimate artist.


Not only are we the creation, we were made to be artists ourselves, to be apprentices of the Master Artist.

We were put here to create.  And we do.

We create words, ideas, music, and technologies. We create order, organization, and solutions to problems. We create paintings and sculptures, and things of both senseless beauty and practical purpose. We create stories, families, gardens, and meals. We create places to live, places of healing and places of learning. We create governments, nations, and bustling cities. We create vast farms, beautiful parks and quiet places to retreat.

We create in the very act of living.

Creativity fuels the soul.  If used for good, it aligns your skills with the world around you to provide joy, solutions, beauty, and encouragement to both the artist and the observer.

IMGcreativityAm I an artist?

That is a label I struggle with but the answer is yes.

And so are you.



Now go create something.


  1. Misty | 30th Jun 16

    I really love this. I cannot wait to read the rest.
    Thank you for sharing your art with us.

  2. Melissa | 30th Jun 16

    Lovely, Misty!
    Thank you for the reminder and encouragement that we are made in the image of a Creator to create.

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